Final Reflections


And how I overcame them:


A challenge I had was learning how to communicate in a culture I wasn’t used to. I had to be flexible in order to communicate with my supervisor since they do business in passing as opposed to official meetings.


The biggest challenge I faced was the lack of meetings and official tasks. I love due dates and meetings that help me stay organized. Learning to work independently and take initiative helped me stay productive without meetings and constant communication.


I am a person who likes to be organized and know what is going on. It was a challenge for me to get used to not knowing what the next day would hold and not have set assignments. I got comfortable with going with the flow.


And how I used them:


I learned how to adapt to new situations and the cultural differences. In order to complete my tasks and do good work I needed to learn how to work the Italian way.


I learned how to communicate even more effectively to get my messages across language barriers and cultural barriers. I had to speak more slowly and use different words. I also had to choose when I spoke to my supervisor wisley to ensure I wasn’t interrupting her work.


I stepped out of my comfort zone in this internship and found new platforms to create content on. I learned how to use three new softwares and practiced using them often


Thanks to this experience I will be able to work more effectively with different types of people. I have become more adaptable, communicative, and creative during my time here. I am excited to continue gaining experience in my marketing career and i’m proud to say that I had a wonderful introduction to the international business world. I’ve started creating a strong foundation of abilities and mentalities that will help me prosper in my desired field of work. I plan on taking everything i’ve learned with me into my next job and using the things i’ve learned to create even better results.


Star Skill


In this internship I was put into the situation of not having any set tasks or job description.


Much of what was in my packet didn’t align with what I found out about the Villa and what was expected of me. My task was then to adapt and still meet expectations even though I wasn’t sure what the expectations were.


I reached out to the intern who was in my assignment for Summer I to ask about her experience and what was expected of her. After reaching out I also took a look at her final portfolio and started creating my own layout for what I wanted to accomplish this month.


Thanks to this planning and quick thinking on my feet, I was able to adapt and make my position run smoothly. I used the skills of communication and organization that I had to adapt even more effectively and seamlessly into the role. I became more comfortable in this unknown situation and now am able to adapt anywhere.

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