Villa Giovanna

Short Term Goals

Understand Company Culture

I’d like to learn about Villa Giovanna’s mission and vision, strategy, and analytics. I would also like to know of any goals or objectives they’d like to see from their marketing.

Understand Customer Journey

I’d like to have created a visual map of Villa Giovanna’s customer journey. This includes full funnel activity: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy

Create a Marketing ToolBox

I’d like to have created a Marketing ToolBox on Canva that includes photos, videos, logos, brand colors, fonts, etc.. This would allow for seamless content creation.

Long Term Goals

Master New Skills

I’d like to master creating content on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I plan to do this by creating at least 10 content pieces using these platforms.

Push My Creative Limits

I’d like to push myself to try new creative platforms that I haven’t used very often. I plan to create at least 2 Reels and edit many videos.

Become More Adaptable

I’d like to become more adaptable in unfamiliar situations. This means, being able to think more quickly when solving new problems and being comfortable in new situations.

SWOT Analysis

Long Term Goal: Push My Creative Limits


  • I am a naturally creative person
  • I enjoy learning new things
  • I learn quickly


  • I have little experience editing videos


  • There are many possibilities to boost social media platforms using videos
  • Videos are the most engaging form of post


  • The platforms needed to do video editing can be expensive
  • Unsure access will be provided to TikTok account

Project Management Plan

Project: Creating a Marketing ToolBox


  • Understanding what resources are already available
  • Listing what resources I need to find or create
  • Collecting resources and storing them in Canva


  • Myself
  • The company
  • My supervisor
  • Guests at the Villa


  • Time constraints
  • Possible expenses
  • Cultural differences
  • Communication styles

Desired Results

  • Organized collection of resources
  • Easy to access and use
  • Makes content more themed and “one voice”

Communication Style


The communication style test concluded that I am a Expressive person. This means that I am focused, communicate my opinions and feelings, and work quickly.

An example proving this to be true: I came into my internship with a list of questions and ideas for my time working here. I was ready to communicate everything I could offer and start organizing what was expected of me. However, the culture of my workplace is very laid back and no official meetings or discussions occur. Decisions and assignments are made in passing. I had to adjust my communication style to continue working effectively.

I think this is very accurate in explaining my communication style. I talk quite a lot with my hands and use data, personal experience, and discussion to explain my opinions and create solutions to problems. I also am a people person, I care a lot about how my coworkers are feeling about a issue and I want to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. I also like to be in continuous discussion about projects and progress. Once I have completed something or if I have questions, I like to get the opinions of my supervisors/coworkers to ensure my work is the best it can be. In my Internship I believe that my supervisor is the Amiable communication style. She is definitely relationship driven as I am, I can see this in the family atmosphere of the Villa and the care she has for everyone who works here. However, we differ because she prefers to take more time to answer questions and make decisions.

Personal Values

That I have discovered in relation to my cross cultural internship

Open Mindedness

I have discovered that I highly value open mindedness in myself and others. To me open mindedness means being open to new ideas, opinions, and ways of life (not automatically assuming your way is the best way).


I have discovered that I highly value my ability to adapt to new cultures or ways of life in order to work effectively. Making adjustments to my work habits to better suit the environment I am in.


A very important value I have discovered is my value of kindness. I always aim to approach situations and people with kindness and compassion. If all people aim to be kind when working together, things like cultural barriers can be minimized.

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