Soft Skills

Writing Skills

I have been passionate about reading since I was young. Not only is it something that I love to do in my free time, but it has also given me writing skills that I value highly and use often

Verbal Skills

Having been in leadership positions all throughout college, I have gotten the chance to present to groups as large as 200+ people and run meetings with my teams effectively. I learned that the key to being a good and interesting speaker is to be passionate about your topic and have organized objectives. 

Creative Skills

Being an outside-of-the-box thinker mixed with having an undeniable sense of optimism has been a useful combination. I have been lucky to have created a lot of content for organizations that have been used on websites, social media, flags, banners, flyers, etc. 

Leadership Skills

Being a leader is about knowing your team. Observing is the most important skill I’ve gained through my leadership experience. Observing progress and observing team members are only two examples of how leaders need to have mastered observation skills to meet goals with a team.

Interpersonal Skills

I am lucky to have a great interest in meeting new people and learning new ways of thinking. One thing I have learned is that being genuine and knowing yourself is the key to building relationships. When connecting with people having genuine care for them and your goal makes communication much more effective.


One of my favorite feelings is the feeling of accomplishment after hurdling an unforeseen roadblock. When I began my position as the President of Student Productions, a month into my term, two of my leadership team members resigned. I sat down with my VP and Advisor and created a new organizational structure that would only require hiring one new lead. This moment taught me that some of the best things can come from unplanned hardship. This was proven right again and again throughout my experiences.

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