Villa Giovanna Content

Brand Guide

When I started at the Villa, they only had one logo on their website and it was not consistent through their social media platforms. I took this logo and created a brand guide. I used this brand guide to create consistency and one voice throughout all of the content I created.

Guest Information

I redesigned a document used by the Villa to provide guests with information about the Shuttle Service. I also created two new documents giving gest more information about their Check In and Excursions that the Villa offers

Marketing Calendar

During my time at Villa Giovanna, my main job was managing the social media platforms. I created a content calendar to keep myself organized on when to create content and when to post.

Welcome Pamphlet

I created a Welcome Pamphlet to be laminated put into guests rooms to give them a proper welcome. This pamphlet provides information on what the Villa offers and encourages them to follow social media platforms.

Floral Guide

Villa Giovanna is home to many different types of plants and flowers. The Villa even has its own garden. This guide introduces guests to the most common flowers seen on the property and helps them identify each flower.

Group Tour Itinerary

I took a page from the Villa Giovanna website that briefly described a group tour that is offered. I redesigned this page into a more visually appealing document that is easier to read and understand

Connect With Us Flyer

The Villa has many photo spots that guests share on social media! I had the idea to create this flyer to encourage users to tag the official Villa instagram when posting and follow as well.

Instagram Page

Here is a quick screenshot of some of the instagram content that I created for the Villa

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